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We are Nigel and Lindsey Hunt.  We have worked in NHS Primary Care, for much of our adult lives.   In 2016 we decided to sell our house and buy a house with more land.   We have visited alpaca farms in several countries and don’t regret our decision to become alpaca farm owners.   In August 2016 we decided to visit an alpaca farm open day and met with two girls, Debbie and Vicky, owners of an alpaca farm, who would end up becoming very special friends to us.   We decided to purchase a starter herd of 6 alpacas.   Within a week, we were offered their entire alpaca farm livestock (26 beautiful alpacas) following the announcement by Debbie and Vicky that they would be leaving the UK for New Zealand.   We were filled with a mixture of absolute excitement and pure fear.  

The alpacas came to us in October 2016 and since that time we have had a great awakening and have totally bonded with these magnificent creatures.   We would not be without them.   We have experienced such emotions since this time, from sheer exhaustion (paddling our way through a long, hard and wet winter) to absolute joy following successful cria deliveries and winning prizes at regional and national shows.  We have also had to experience overwhelming sadness following the unexpected death of our beloved Gaia. 

As neophyte alpaca breeders we have been supported so much by those within the alpaca community and have made real friends with other owners and breeders.   We have a common bond.

Nigel and I have thrown ourselves in to this lifestyle, signing up to educational courses and taking advice from other really successful breeders all over the world.   We have built up our herd and now own a total of 47 alpacas including champion stud males, junior stud males, elite females and cria.  

Our objective within our breeding program is to selectively breed our female stock using both our own studs and proven studs from reputable breeders aiming to produce progeny which express consistently genetic phenotypes for fine fleece and excellent conformity. Such an approach will provide a sound base for future genetic advancement of this herd and for the wider alpaca community.   In pursuance of this goal we will continue to seek out excellent stock from sources worldwide, so enhancing the exceptional breeding lines already within our alpaca herd.

If you are interested in purchasing any alpacas, please contact us to enquire about current availability.

Please continue to follow our exciting journey …...

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